KDL Exteriors specializes in masonry craftsmanship of residential and commercial properties and can handle any standardized or customized project according to your specific needs.

We offer work in:

- Stone Veneer

- Retaining Walls

- Brick

- Block Walls

- Natural Stone

- Planter Walls

- Pavers

- Custom Barbecues

- Chimney Re-facing and Repair

- Arches and Archways

Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly discuss your individual project needs and offer a free estimate.

“I really loved the great work KDL Exteriors did for me!  They were fast, professional, and very helpful in helping me decide what would look best for my home.  I trusted them completely!  In my business as a Realtor, I am actively looking for people to refer to KDL Exteriors because I know my clients will love them, which in turn makes me look good too!  Thanks for everything guys!”

- Andrew Lauwers, Homeowner